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From the Delta to the DMZ

"...We few, we happy few...."

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The Army Security Agency COMSEC Mission in Vietnam

(Webmaster: Tino "Chui" Banuelos)

Member of the National ASA Association

Dedicated to the Memory of those who did not return:

Tribute to Shawn D. Pahnke - Killed in Action, 2003 (Bronze Star)
son of COMSEC Veteran Tom Pahnke


Sgt. Albert A. Banuelos Jr.
Same family name as Chui Banuelos - no relation
Killed in Action, Sept. 9, 1968 (Silver Star)

SSG Donald D Daugherty, KIA April 13, 1966
"I saw the flash of the mortar shell and I heard the cries for "Medic!"

SSgt. James Frederick Hiltz
Died In-Country, Sep 26, 1963

SSgt. John D Hoffman
Killed by accidental gunshot, April 2, 1966

Sp5 Samuel "Sammy" Martin
Killed in Action, May 17, 1968 (Bronze Star)

SFC Fred Pruden
Died of illness/injury, November 2, 1970

 VFW Memorial Service for Sammy Martin - 2001, Greensburg, KY

On a hill overlooking Sammy's hometown in Greensburg, Kentucky

Len Nagel: "I was TDY with Sammy on that fatal day. He had volunteered to go on a "Search and Destroy" mission with a MACV Major. Both were killed when someone hit the trip wire and set off a bouncing betty mine. I still can remember hearing the chopper and someone asking if I had known Sammy Martin and I remember saying yes, "I know Sammy". That's when I identified his body."

COMSEC/SIGSEC Tribute page

Remembering our friends who have passed on.

Learn more about the ASA in Vietnam including the mortar attack at TSN, April 1966

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1966 Mortar attack at TSN AB 1966 Skyraider crash at TSN
1968 Tet Offensive Chui's Tour, Saigon to Dong Ha
COMSEC Awards and Decorations COMSEC Profiles and Assignments

Visit the COMSEC/SIGSEC Reunion page
to view photos from the 1st Reunion in 1985, and subsequent reunions.

The next reunion is being organized and hosted by Ken Wilks
(Tentative) 2021
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COMSEC - Then and Now
What is Communications Security?

Unit History - Army Security Agency Order of Battle

Republic of Vietnam

Compiled by the INSCOM Historians: Jim Gilbert and John Finnegan

Obtained by "Crazy Dog" Phil Hogle

Digital Conversion by "Maddog" Mike Doran

101st United States Army Security Agency Detachment (509th RR Gp)

Organized: 1 March 1963
Cover Designation: 7th Radio Research Unit
Assigned Command: 82d US Army Security Agency Special Operations Unit (3" RRU)
Supported Command: MACV and USARV
Location: Saigon, Davis Station
Reassigned Command: 509th US Army Security Agency on 1 June 1966
Cover Redesignation: 101st Radio Research Company on 10 September 1966
Redesignation: USASA Security Company, Saigon on 15 December 1967
Relocation: Long Binh on 30 March 1970
Relocation: Saigon on 16 March 1971
Discontinued: 1 April 1972
Vietnam Campaign Credit: 1 - 17

Awards and Decorations:  509th Radio Research Group, Republic of Vietnam

Meritorious Unit Commendation--1 Jun 66 - 30 Sep 67
Meritorious Unit Commendation--1 Oct 67 - 31 Dec 68
Meritorious Unit Commendation--1 Jan 69 - 31 Dec 70
Meritorious Unit Commendation--1 Jan 71 - 01 Apr 72
Republic of Vietnam, Gallantry Cross w/Palm--1 Jan 70 - 3 Mar 71