This series of photos was generously provided by Verne Mahorney

Verne served with the 1st and 4th platoons, 101st RRC. Verne also served with the 175th RRC in Bien Hoa. After Vietnam, he was stationed at Ft.Hood, Ft.Carson, Ft.Devens and Ft.Leavenworth. Verne also served two tours in Germany and was back at Ft.Devens at various times for duty and training courses. He retired from active duty in March 1987.

Verne Mahorney - Quang Ngai - 1969

Verne was the co-organizer with Larry Marty, for the COMSEC Reunion, Aug. 2000
He resides in Olathe, KS and is a member of the COMSEC email list.

Bob Owens, Larry Lohr, Ron Oliver and Steve Dewitt,




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