Phil McGibney and the 407th RRD

Army Security Agency Order of Battle - Republic of Vietnam

Compiled by the INSCOM Historians
Jim Gilbert and John Finnegan
from official ASA wartime documentation

Obtained by Phil Hogle
Digital Conversion by Maddog

407th Radio Research Detachment

Deployed: 10 August 1965
Cover Designation: Detachment '4', 3d Radio Research Unit
Assigned Command: 53d US Army Security Agency Special Operations Command (3d RRU)
Supported Command: Field Force, Vietnam
Location: Nha Trang
Inactivated: 3 May 1966
Deployed: 28 July 1968
Cover Designation: 407th Radio Research Detachment
Assigned Command: US Army Security Agency Field Station, Phu Bai
Supported Command: 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mech)
Location: Quang Tri
Inactivated: 1 April 1972 (zero strength on 28 August 1971)*
Vietnam Campaign Credit: 2-3, 8-17
Vietnam Honors: 3 MUCs and 3 RVN CGP
* Portion of mission transferred to Detachment 'A', USASA Field Station, Phu Bai.

Phil McGibney

The 407th supported the 1/5th ID out of Quang Tri Combat Base and had sites at a lot of vacation spots at various times in the province, i.e., FSB A-4 ('the Hill' also known as Con Thien, shared with the 3rd Marine Div overlooking the DMZ), FSB Charlie-1 (north of Dong Ha on Hwy 1), FSB Sarge (shared with the Marines overlooking Khe Sahn Valley), FSB Barbara (south of Quang Tri City protecting the 'rear'), FSB Fuller and others. The 407th had 2 KIA's during the 'Easter Offensive of 1972', Bruce Crosby and Gary Westscott, I don't think they were 05G's. The 407th worked closely with the 101st/265th RR at the time. There are also some pictures posted under the 'armysecurityagencyvets' Yahoo Club site.

The original 407th left Fort Carson in July of 1968. These are the 05G's on that set of orders:

ALLEN, William N.; RA15724771, SP5, 05G20
EDGAR, David K.; RA1981616460, SP5, 05G20
HURT, Jackie D.; RA16866791, SP4, 05G20
MCGIBNEY, Philip A.; RA11380957, SSG, P05G40
MURPHY, Paul J., Jr.; RA13831848, SP5, 05G30
PRYER, David M.; RA13830783, SP5, 05G20
ROSE, Steven J.; RA19824835, SP5, 05G20
STEMPECK, Richard F.; RA13847345, SP5, 05G20
STILLMAN, Phillip M.; RA11374632, SSG, 05G40
WEBB, Ralph; RA19842442, SP5, 05G30

Note: Paul Murphy was in the same class at Ft. Devens with Chui - see the class list

Phil McGibney (front), Gary Kloberdans on the track

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