I Corps Area of Operation

1st Platoon, 101st RRC - Danang

Photo of the 1st platoon Villa on Hong Dieu Street, Danang by Bill DeCormier
Photo by Bill DeCormier (on the left), Richard Cooler and Paul Cratty
Photo by Bill DeCormier.  Verne Mahorney in the back in glasses , Larry Lohr with the sandbag,
Steve DeWitt far right and Richard Cooler touching glasses.

The day room "lounge" at the Villa

Lots of "pay day" stakes poker games played there.

Photo by Bill DeCormier.  1st platoon monitoring team TDY to Qui Nhon.  The "Preacher" in orange shorts?

Sgt Bulgerin in hat?  Paul Cratty on the right with sunglasses and dark shorts.  Verne Jenkins far right?


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