The II Corps Operations Area

Pleiku, Vietnam - 1963 - 1964
Det.6, 3rd Radio Research Unit
Photo courtesy of Rocky Chilson

Jim Graves and Paige Sawyer - The Snake Platoon Project (Separate Website)

Photos from the 2nd Platoon, 101st RRC - The Snake Platoon
Engineer Hill

John McCann and the Snake, 1966

On the Hill; "Skip" Serrells, Wayne Manning, Sammy Miller, Bob Rose to his left and Sgt Eisworth.

Kenneth Wilks reports:  I was there. So were Warren Galinski (Ski), John Donaldson, Lynn Lansdowne, SSG Martin, and Lt Dalke.  Ike Eisworth got the material for the shower. He traded two cans of white paint to the SF guys in Pleiku for a bunch of AKs and Chicom carbines. Took those to the Air Force and they gave him enough sandbags to sandbag all the tents and outline walkways around our part of the compound. He got the bomb carrier which he and Bob Rose fashioned into the water tank for the shower, the shower pipes and fixins'.

2nd Platoon, Pleiku
More Engineer Hill Photos courtesy of Larry Monuteaux (Deceased)

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