These pages contain eyewitness accounts of the Skyraider crash at Tan Son Nhut Airbase, just outside Davis Station, Oct 1966. If you were there, send your comments to Chui.

A special thanks to Chuck Henry, for his comments and photos on this page

The bunker which was hit by the inverted Skyraider- Photo by Chuck Henry

Damage to civilian housing - Photo by Chuck Henry
Comments from Chuck Henry

I was a Security Police officer there at the time, had been down to the Jamboree and took a lot of photos on 35 mm. slides of the Scouts, left and got the radio report of the crash and went back.

Got there while the crash site was still burning. American and Vietnamese responders and all kinds of military personnel (many of whom had no business running around in the wreckage amidst scorched ammo from the aircraft, which was loaded for a combat mission when it went in, yes, inverted, after hitting the top of a concrete guard tower in front of Gen Ky's walled compound on the main drag), came from everywhere. I ended up involved in the SP efforts to control news photographers and sightseers from the base who were trying to get around the people we and the 33rd VNAF Quan Cahn tried to post around the perimeter, but the crash site was in Vietnamese housing, and there were too many approaches for us to seal them all off. American TV cameramen were trying to get pictures of the dead Vietnamese dependents, some of whom were children, and it made us madder than hell that they would not respect the SP trying to keep them out for their own safety, and would not respect Vietnamese sensitivities about the dead dependents not being filmed.

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