The original list below was provided by Clyde Doheney

Clyde Doheney says: Jim Gilbert at INSCOM History Office sent me an extract from a document entitled "7th Radio Research Unit, Saigon, Vietnam. Annual Historical Report (RSC-IAINT-1 [R3]. Fiscal Year 1966. Volume One Only". Then, written by hand it says "101st USASA Scty Det". It gives a "Tab D - Awards and Decorations"
(some letters are unclear on the copy)

Bronze Star

Spinner, Dick - with V, 1968

Forsberg, George

Goldsmith, Vernon L

Henson, Dick

Hoffman, John D (Posthumously)

Kemp, Samuel K

Manelski, Len

Martin, Samuel C (Posthumously)

Mighton, Don - 1969

Milnarow, Michael

Rivers, Arthur

Seaton, Owen B

Williams, Brad

Army Commendation Medal

Galinski, Warren "Skip" - with V, 1968

Banuelos, Florentino II (Chui) - 1969

Johnson, William P

Mighton, Don - 1969

USARV Certificate of Achievement

Allen, William H

Boyd, William F

Caldwell, Cecil E

Closson, Charles R

De Gennaro, Anthony C

Forrester, Bobby R

Gibson, Robert J.

Hoffmann, Robert J

Kohnonen, Gene R

Page, Niel NMN

Smith, Julian H

Van Gilluwe, Peter E (sp?)

Wightman, Roger L

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