The original list below was provided by Clyde Doheney

Clyde Doheney says: Jim Gilbert at INSCOM History Office sent me an extract from a document entitled "7th Radio Research Unit, Saigon, Vietnam. Annual Historical Report (RSC-IAINT-1 [R3]. Fiscal Year 1966. Volume One Only". Then, written by hand it says "101st USASA Scty Det". It gives a "Tab D - Awards and Decorations"
(some letters are unclear on the copy)

Bronze Star

Spinner, Dick - with V, 1968

Forsberg, George

Goldsmith, Vernon L.

Henson, Dick

Hoffman, John D. (Posthumously)

Kemp, Samuel K.

Manelski, Len

Martin, Samuel C (Posthumously)

Mighton, Don - 1969

Milnarow, Michael

Rivers, Arthur

Seaton, Owen B.

Torres, Juan Carlos

Williams, Brad

Army Commendation Medal

Galinski, Warren "Skip" - with V, 1968

Banuelos, Florentino II (Chui) - 1969

Johnson, William P.

Mighton, Don - 1969

USARV Certificate of Achievement

Allen, William H.

Boyd, William F.

Caldwell, Cecil E.

Closson, Charles R.

De Gennaro, Anthony C.

Forrester, Bobby R.

Gibson, Robert J.

Hoffmann, Robert J.

Kohnonen, Gene R.

Page, Niel

Pahnke, Tom

Smith, Julian H.

Van Gilluwe, Peter E. (sp?)

Wightman, Roger L.

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