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Orders: 1965 - 1966

 Travel Orders and 32-R-98C20 class at Ft. Devens

The lists below were compiled 6/24/98 by Harold Haskins

Headquarters Company, 101st RRC

Dutton, William W. (Wes)



Johnston, Rickey O.


Kenney, Norhand A.


Large, Darrel


1st OIC of 101st RRC in 1969

Matlock, Andrew


McCabe, Gerald W.


3rd OIC of 101st RRC in 1969

Medlin, Lawrence N.


2nd OIC of 101st RRC in 1969

Skantz, Conrad P.


OIC 2nd Plt., then OPS Off.

Smith, Billy W.


Williamson, Michael. R.



Wine, Larry E.


"Plaintext Transmission" from Jerry Adams to Harold Haskins

Jerry Adams here, I was assigned to HQ 101st from Apr 69 till around Aug 70 when we moved the HQ to II Field Force area adjacent to the 303rd RR Bn, at this time most or all of the 05G's were transferred to the 3rd Plt. Additional names of HQ personnel at that time:

Adams, James G. (Jerry) SP5
Barton, David SSG
Svenson, Carl SSG
Brennan, Jack (Crash) SP5
Kidder, Douglas SP5
Fogel, Leon Otis (JuJu) SPG
Beasley, Larry SP5
Brezniak, SP5
Roggio, Roger (?) SP5 Company Clerk
Focht, Thomas SFC Served with the original 7th RRU
Urbaniak, SGT Motor SGT
Campbell, SSG SIG Maint
Brown, 1SG
Johnston, Rick SP5
Mace, James SP5
Williams or Williamson, 1LT or CPT, Ops Officer
"Miss Spring", Vietnamese Lady who occupied Orderly Room (niece of Nguyen Cao Ky)
Miller, SGT 05G turned mechanic

Additional names also provided by Jerry Adams Dogg, Earl D. SSG (born in the bunker inside fenced area shared with 303rd)
SMAJ, python transferred from 2nd plt

Brumfield, Harold (?) SFC 3rd Plt 70 - 71
Messing, David SP5 3rd Plt 69 - 71
Shivers, Douglas SP5/SGT HQ & 3rd Plt 69 - 70; 2nd tour 3rd Plt 70-71
Shultz, SP5 1st Plt 69 - 70
Berthott, Francis (?) SSG 3rd Plt 70 - 71
Johnson, Anthony SP5 3rd Plt 71 - 72
Andrews, Michael SP5 3rd Plt 70 - 71
Steese, Robert SP5 3rd Plt 70
Blandon, Ronald (Buddha) 3rd Plt 71 - 72
Brewer, George SFC 3rd Plt 70 - 71, Ops SGT
Pruden, Fred SFC 3rd Plt 70 - 71
Carroll, SFC/MSG 3rd Plt 70 - 71
Jones, Otis Co 1SG
Tichenor, Gene SP6 3rd Plt 71 - 72
Messing, SP5 3rd Plt 71 - 72
Kidder, Douglas SP5 3rd Plt 79 - 71
Johnston, Rick SP5
Dunigan, Rick (?) SP5
Miller, Mike SGT 05G turned mechanic
Sasser, SSG
Fetzer, SGT - Plt Clerk (member of Fetzer wine family from California)
Matthews, Thomas SP4 mechanic
Schwimmer, Ronald MSG Plt SGT
Wahlert, Lee SP6 or SSG HQ & 3rd Plt
Ketchum listed as 3rd plt later transferred or was assigned on subsequent tour to 2nd plt.
Cantini, Anthony don't remember plt. but departed RRC to be assigned as an MP soon after arrival in country in APR 69
Burdette, Tommy D. SP5 4th Plt (Wildest among the wild)
King, Jerry (Kong) Served with the original 7th RRU

3RD Platoon, 101ST RRC, 509TH RRG, Bien Hoa & III CTZ - Partial Roster for 1969

Ames, Ken SP4
Bidlack, James SSG
Bird SP4
Boyd, William A. SSG
Buell, Robert D. SSG
Coffey SP4
Crandall, Terry F. SP4
Derra, Bruce SP5
Friedrich SP4
Glaser SP4
Greenwood SP4
Haskins, Harold E. 1Lt.(OIC thru Nov.1969)
Hassenzahl, Doug SP5
Hildenbrand SP5
Huerkamp, John SP4
Jikaku, Robert N. SP5
Kapla, Donald SFC (NCOIC)
Kauffman, Lloyd SP4
Kelker SP4
Ketchum SP4
Kremer, Bruce SP5
Kruse SP4
Lunn, Al SP4
Mahan, Joe SP4
Manelski, Leonard
Served with the original 7th RRU
Meyer, Barry SP5
Mighton, Don S. SP5
Mikeworth, Ron G. CPT (OIC after Haskins)
Miller, James T. SP5
Mischke, Robert W. SP5
Sawyer SP4
Shepard SP4
Shervey, Eric W. SP5
Thomas SP4
Thompson, Steve SP4
Tichenor, Gene B. SP6
Wade, Chuck SP5
Wahlert, Lee SP6

Phil McGibney and the 407th RRC

The 407th supported the 1/5th ID out of Quang Tri Combat Base and had sites at a lot of vacation spots at various times in the province, i.e., FSB A-4 ('the Hill' also known as Con Thien, shared with the 3rd Marine Div overlooking the DMZ), FSB Charlie-1 (north of Dong Ha on Hwy 1), FSB Sarge (shared with the Marines overlooking Khe Sahn Valley), FSB Barbara (south of Quang Tri City protecting the 'rear'), FSB Fuller and others. The 407th had 2 KIA's during the 'Easter Offensive of 1972', Bruce Crosby and Gary Westscott, I don't think they were 05G's. The 407th worked closely with the 101st/265th RR at the time. There are also some pictures posted under the 'armysecurityagencyvets' Yahoo Club site.

The original 407th left Fort Carson in July of 1968. These are the 05G's on that set of orders:

ALLEN, William N.; RA15724771, SP5, 05G20
EDGAR, David K.; RA1981616460, SP5, 05G20
HURT, Jackie D.; RA16866791, SP4, 05G20
MCGIBNEY, Philip A.; RA11380957, SSG, P05G40
MURPHY, Paul J., Jr.; RA13831848, SP5, 05G30
PRYER, David M.; RA13830783, SP5, 05G20
ROSE, Steven J.; RA19824835, SP5, 05G20
STEMPECK, Richard F.; RA13847345, SP5, 05G20
STILLMAN, Phillip M.; RA11374632, SSG, 05G40
WEBB, Ralph; RA19842442, SP5, 05G30

Note: Paul Murphy was in the same class at Ft. Devens with Chui - see the orders for Cl#2-98D20-66

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