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In Memory of Mel Saul (Jan 27, 2014)

MOS: 05G

In-Country Dates: Jan-Dec 1963, 1969-70

Platoon: 7th RRU, 1st platoon and 3rd platoon

Terry L. Sapp

MOS: 05G/97G/71B/71L

In-Country or Service Dates: 1968 - 1992

Platoon or Duty Stations:  Basic 1968 C-9-2 Ft Jackson, SC,  AIT 1968-69 Ft Devens (operator and analyst school), 1969-70 Det R USASAGP-K Camp Red Cloud, 1970-71, 301/313 ASA Bn Ft Bragg, NC, 1971-72 Ft Jackson, Sc (admin school), 1972 USASAFS Camp Humprey Korea, 1972-73 SIGSEC Spt Det (XVIII Abn Corps) Ft Bragg, NC, 1975-78 Det D, 201st ASA Co, Frankfurt Germany, 1978-81 USINSCOM Sig Sec Spt Bn 902 MI Gp Ft Gillem, Ga ( Forest Park),  1981-84 103d MI Bn Wurzburg Germany, 1985-88 104th MI Bn/4th Inf Div Ft Carson, CO, 1988-1991 103d MI Bn (Battlefield Deception in spt of 3d Inf Div) Wurzburg Germany, 1992 742d MI Bn, Ft Meade MD.  Sep 1992 retired.

email address:

Comments:  Attended both operator and analyst training at Ft Devens.  SMOS 71B upgraded to 71L.   1971 recalled from leave because ASA was told they were over strength and to cut back.  I was sent to Admin school at Ft Jackson passing out study pamphlets to students.  Instruction came down if you did not hold an admin MOS you had to take end of course test.  Took 71B and was working on 71H when reenlisted for 05G and assigned to Korea with orders saying I was holding 71L.

Paige B. Sawyer III

MOS: 05G

In-Country Dates: 3/69 - 10/71

Platoon: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Platoons

email address:

Comments: I went to VN in March of 1969 and was assigned to the 3rd platoon at Bien Hoa. In October of same year, I was transferred to the 1st platoon in Da Nang. I stayed there until February '70 when the 1st platoon moved to Phu Bai. I DEROS in March of 70 and returned to VN in July and was assigned to the 2nd platoon in Nha Trang. I stayed there until October of '71.

Clarence R. Saxon (SAX)

MOS: 05G

Service Dates: Served 57-60. 61-64. 65-79.  Retired Ft Hood 79.

email address:

Richard (Rick) Schlander

MOS: 98D, 04G

In-Country Dates: 1963 - 1967

Platoon: 4th Platoon

email address:

Karl A. Scholz

MOS: 05G20

In-Country or Service Dates: 1966-1970

email address:

Comments: I served with the 372nd radio research grp

Howard (Skip) Serrels

MOS: 05G20

In-Country or Service Dates: 6/66 - 6/67

Platoon or ASA Detachment: 7th RRU, 101st RRC, 2nd platoon

email address:

Comments: Team leader in Pleiku with the 2nd platoon.

Dale V. Shamp

MOS: 98C4H

email address:

Comments: CONUS; Ft. Devens 98C4H: ASA Armor, Forrest Park, GA; MIDDLE EAST: DET 4-4, Karamursel, Turkey: KOREA; 508th RR GP, Seoul; 177th USASA CO "A", Pyong Taek: VIETNAM; 509th RRGP, Saigon; 330th RRCO, Pleiku; 9th SSD, Can Tho; 330th AVN BN(CO?), 8th RRFS, Phu Bai.

Lewis Shanks

MOS: 058, 055

In-Country Dates: 2/64 - 2/66

Platoon or ASA Detachment: 7th RRU

email address:

Comments: Was the proud innovator of the Sheila Hurtz episode where "she" almost got into the Army Times as DAC of the Week. We had a special ceremony giving Lt. Piernick a portrait of Sheila which I understand he treasured for years afterward. Luckily he did not court martial me and the other 3 on my mids trick who participated in drafting her nomination to the Army Times.

Eric Shervey

MOS: 05G20/30

In-Country Dates: 1/4/66 - 12/28/69

Platoon: 2nd Platoon

email address:

Comments: Assigned 2nd platoon in Pleiku; December 1966 to December 1967. Extended 6 months from Jan. 68 to July 68. Wounded with 3 others at helicopter assault compound in Ban Me Thuot in February '68 (right after TET). Assigned to Ft. Devens from July 68 to April '69?. Assigned 3rd platoon in Ben Hoa from May '69 to Dec. '69. ETS Dec. 28th 1969. Freedom bird and home.

David Shirley

MOS: 05G30

In-Country Dates: 12/69 - 12/70

Platoon: 2nd Platoon, Pleiku

email address:

Comments: Army service dates 68-71.  CONUS MA-68 & TX-70; Vietnam 69-70.  Europe:  Augsburg, Germany 70-71.

Douglas F Shivers

MOS: 05G30

In-Country Dates: 1969 - 1971

Platoon: 2nd platoon, 3rd platoon, HHC

email address:

Tyce Simmons

MOS: 055, 05G

In-Country or Service Dates: 1966 - 1968

Platoon or ASA Detachment: 374th RRC

email address:

Conrad P.Skantz New Orleans, 2002 Reunion Co-organizer

MOS: 9630

In-Country Dates: 12/68 - 12/69

Platoon: 2nd Platoon

email address:

Kenneth L. Slater

MOS:  05G/97G

email address:

Comments: Basic-Dix APR-JUL 76; AIT-Devens JUL-DEC 76 (AIT FTX from hell; ASA Det-Helemano, HI & 25th ID SIGSEC Det JAN 77-80; ITIC-PAC Ft Shafter, HI 80-81; Atlanta MI Det, Ft Gillem, GA  81-85.
Billy W. Smith

MOS: 32G H6/05G

In-Country Dates: 5/68 - 4/69

Platoon: HHC

email address:
Gary D. Smith

MOS: 05G4H

In-Country Dates: 67 - 68

Platoon: HHC, Det 16

email address:

Comments: 58-62 USMC heavy artillery 29 Palms Calif and Okinawa, 3rd Marines.  After school at Ft Devens - 103rd ASA Det Orleans France; 63-67 FT Devens; 67-68 Nam - 101RRC, Det 16; 68-73 102nd ASA Secty Co; 73-76 Vent Hill Farms VA;  76-79 201st ASA Secty Co. 1FEB79 retired.

Domingo N. Soriano


In-Country or Service Dates:

Platoon or ASA Detachment:

email address : bucho

Sid Southard

MOS: 98D/05G

In-Country Dates: 11th RRU Dec 65-66, 101st RRU June 70-May 71

Platoon: 2nd and 3rd Platoons

email address:

Al Stansbury

MOS: 05G20

In-Country Dates: 01/09/68 - 01/09/69

email address:

James E. Stanton

MOS: 04B20 (Lao Trans Interp)

In-Country Dates: 31 July 1967 to 06 March 1971, Co A 7th RRFS USARPAC, Thailand w/ TDY in Laos

email address:

In Memory of Harlan C (Bud) Starkey


Comments: Bud was a TEMPEST Inspector from 64 to 71 and a Crypto Repairman in the Frankfort ASA ComCenter before that. He died of Hoskins Disease a few months after getting out in 71. He is Buried at the National Cemetery in Culpeper, VA. I just want to Honor My Best Friend (Jerry Harris).

Ronald (Rusty) Staub

MOS: 05G20

In-Country Dates: 71 - 72

Platoon: 3rd Platoon, RVN

email address:

Comments: Other duty stations: Panama and Korea.

Steve "Stick" Stickley - Original 05G list at his website

MOS: 05G40M/97G40M

In-Country Dates: 11/63-11/68 USMC, 07/70-07/85 USA

Platoon or ASA Detachment: HHC

email address:

Comments: RVN USMC 66/67, Korea SIGSEC DET (CRC)1971,101st RRC 71/72, 303d ASA BN 1972/AFSOUTH 73/74, 201st ASA CO 1975, USASA SIGSEC ELEM 76-78, FORSCOM HQ 79-81, Korea 102d MI BN 81/82,163d MI BN 82-85

Darryl E. Stoffer

MOS: 05G20

Platoon:  2nd Platoon, 101st RRC at Nha Trang

Wayne L. Strickland 

MOS: 05G40 97G40 71L40 63C40

In-Country Dates: 69 - 70

Platoon or ASA Detachment:  7th RRFS; Det H Stuttgart; 504th  MI Grp Ft Hood; 201st MI Bn Korea; Camp Red Cloud Korea

email address:

Comments: Retired from 2d Armored Division G-2 in 1985.

William D.(Bill) Tate

MOS: 05G4P

In-Country Dates: 11/70 - 11/71

Platoon: 1st Platoon

email address:

Comments: I traveled with LT. Joel Hust, SP5 George Tripp and SP5 David (Indian) Butler for several months in support of various MACV Districts and 101st Airborne units. I was present when 1st Plt took the brunt of a major hurricane in October 71 on Freedom Hill. I hope to hear from old friends from the 101st, Ft. Bragg and Germany tours.

David Tebalt

MOS: 05G20/30

In-Country Dates: 70 - 71

Platoon: HHC

email address:

Don Thomas

MOS: 05G20

In-Country Dates: 69 - 72

Platoon: 2nd platoon

email address:

Daniel T. Thomsen

MOS: 05G20

In-Country Dates: 4/68 - 4/69

Platoon: 404th RRD in support of the 173rd Abn.

Please contact Deborah Thomsen, email:

Comments: Tuy Hoa, Na Trang, Bong Son, LZ English, LZ Orange, An Khe. Looking for Gary Brasse, Steve McCartney, Jack Ranger, Gary (the Grunt) Johnson, Jeff Lincoln, Gary Snodgrass, Ray Karnie and Steve Borden. Jack Ranger last to be with dog named Hulk. We found a roster with several names we recgonize from 173rd Abn and 404th but none of "us" are listed. Any help is much appreciated.

Mike Thompson

MOS: 05G30

In-Country Dates: HHC 313th Apr 67 - March 68 TDY LZ Uplift, Task Force Oregon (Americal Div) and other duty in II Corp area.

email address:

Comments: Devens June 66 - Feb 67 TTC winter from hell.  USASOC Ft. Clayton, CZ May 68 - Jan 70. Experienced the Omar Torrijos military coup.

David G. Todd

In-Country or Service Dates: 1968 - 1972

Platoon or ASA Detachment: HHC

email address:

John Tofanelli

MOS: 05G20

In-Country or Service Dates: March 1969 - October 1971

email address:

Comments: My first year I was in the 4th Platoon in Can Tho. My second tour I was in the 3rd Platoon in Long Binh/Bien Hoa.

Juan Carlos Torres

MOS: 05G20

In-Country or Service Dates: RVN, 04/69-03/70 & 11/70-11/71.  Active duty 03-68-11/71

Platoon or ASA Detachment: 1st Platoon, 101st RRC for both tours

email address:

Comments: Was with 1/101st RRC from April 1969-March 1970. Returned to 1/101st RRC in November 1970-October 1971. Also stationed at Fort Meade, Md, with 414th ASA Det, May 1970-October 1970

Ben Tripp

MOS: 984

In-Country Dates: 7/62 - 6/64

Platoon or ASA Detachment: 7th RRU

email address:

Comments: I was there when we changed from 3rd RRU to 7th RRU and David Tucker created the emblem. I remember having it painted on the tire cover of the Captain's jeep. Don't remember what happened to the brass emblem's that were cast but remember they were heavy. Am located in Maine now and retired (at least not actively seeking work).

John B. Troutman III

MOS: 05G20 Primary, 71L20 Secondary

Service Dates: June 1972 to December 1975

Detachments: CONUS and Germany

email address:

Comments:  Fort Jackson, C-8-2, June 1972 to August 1972.  Fort Devens,  USASATC&S Co. A, 05G School, August 1972 to March 1973.  502nd ASA Gp, 201st ASA Co. (SCTY), Det “T”,  Augsburg, FRG, March 1973 to December 1975

David G. Tucker

MOS: 984/055/9630/9640

In-Country Dates: 62-63, 66-67 (TDY), 67-68 (Americal RRC, 313th RR Bn)

email address:, David's University page

Comments: I was a SP4, 984/05G with the 3d RRU when we worked COMSEC out of Sabertooth and Whitebirch operations during '62-63. Bud O'Donnell a major at the time, was acting CO down from Zama. He was replaced by Capt William E. Gross who was later my boss in K Division, USASATC&S. It was under Gross' guidance that I designed the SEASIA emblem and had the first crest painted by a Vietnamese artist at Sabertooth. The initial brass crests were made by a Chinese artist in Cho Lon. I have one of the original crests back in Seattle with storage things. Names I remember from that time are Ron Barden, Wayne Elliott, Bob Winkler, Ben Tripp, Thayer, Hart, Adams, Johnny Kelly (1SG) and Charley Eichelberger(sp) who was CDR of HHC, 3d RRU and went on to earn two stars. I later returned to the 101st RRCo in '66-67 as a lieutnant down on TDY from ASAPAC. I must have made 4-5 trips during that period and I think during each period there was a coup.

In Memory of Roy Turcotte


In-Country or Service Dates: 3/66 - 2/70

Comments: Basic Training at Ft. Lost in the Woods, Mo. and then on to Devens for ditty bop school and times in the pit. TTC in Feb-Mar 67 (Class 16-67) the "Big Blizzard Class"-Orders to Nam in April 67--Passed thru 509th, Davis Station, TSN to report to 313th Bn in Nha Trang- Went TDY all over the place with small Det to Qui Nhon, An Khe, Pleiku, Oasis--mostly with Rod Adkins until order for 374th RRC, Det 1 (assigned to 1st Bd, 4th Inf Division- Oasis then to Dak To (hell of a place) Nov.-Dec. TET Jan.68. was with Charles Beakley, Jon Teichman, Mike Tajkowski,. Spent 4 weeks in Evac Hospital in Cam Rahn Bay. Went to Baumholder Germany with Russ Silva, Dick Brighthaupt, and made unit move to FS Augsburg Hospital Kaserne-made rank and took Det to Worms and over to Mt Misner. Czeckoslavakia Spring of 68 Prague went down to Communist Hard line. Out in 70. Live in South Texas near Mexico Border and Gulf Coast on a cattle ranch. Pretty isolated but drop on in any time! Thanks for the memory Chui.

Rich Urbanowicz

MOS: 63F40 Motor Sgt.

In-Country Dates: 67-68 69-70

Platoon: Headquarters Company

email address: RURBANO@PRODIGY.NET

Rod Van Guilder

MOS: 05G4H, 05G5M, 98Z5M

In-Country Dates: Mar/69 - Sep/70

Platoon: 2nd Platoon

email address:

Comments: TDY to 7thRRU, Oct 65 to Feb 66 from 104th Okie, was at Davis Station the entire time. Worked on Monitoring Teams at both MACV's and on mission at Tan Son Nhut. In Aug 67 was assigned to 101st, Duty Station MACTHAI Bankok, Thailand attached to the 83rd RRSOU Serrie Court. Arrived in Country again in Feb 69 went to 2nd Platoon, Engineer Hill, Pleiku. About Feb of 70 I was ordered to Nha Trang to help get ready to move the platoon to Nha Trang.  Retired in 92 as Command Sergeant Major. Last assignment was School CSM, Devens.

Timothy W. Vance

MOS: 05G20, 71B, 37B, 35A

In-Country/Service Dates: June 67 - June 68

Platoon/Detachment: HHC

email address:

Comments: When I arrived at the 101RRC as a new 05G from Ft Devens the 1SG gave me a choice of going to the 3rd PLT or staying at Davis Station as the 101st company clerk; I chose to stay. I was there my entire tour except for trips to each PLT Hq with 2LT Bates, the Co pay officer.

My other Army assignmets were: 68-69 Ft Devens; 69-70 Eng OCS, Ft Belvoir; 70-72 USASAFS Hakata, Japan; 72-75 USASA GP Ft Meade; 75-76 7th RRFS Udorn; 76-77 Ft. Huachuca; 77-80 Ft Bragg; 80-83 Ft Polk; 83-86 INSCOM Gp, Ft Meade. Retired: May 86.

Connie Vaporis

MOS: 05G20

In-Country or Service Dates: 5/72 - 5/75

email address:

Comments: USASA Security Detachment Okinawa, Ft Devens

Wayne Vaporis

MOS: 05G20

In-Country or Service Dates: 5/72 - 5/75

email address:

Comments: USASA Security Detachment Okinawa, Ft Devens

Luther Mack Wade

MOS: 05G40

Service Dates: 1966-1969

Platoon: Arrived spring 1966, just before attack on TSN, with 7RRU.  Later with 4th platoon in  delta.  Short time in Ft. Hood, Tx.  Separated 3/69.

email address:

David Walton

In-Country Dates: 1970 - 1972

Platoon: 1st Platoon

email address:

In Memory of Milton L. Wardrop

MOS: 05G4H

In-Country Dates: Dec 66 - Dec 67

Platoon: 3rd Platoon

In Memory of Vincent Way

In-Country Dates: 1968 - 1970

Platoon: 2nd Platoon

Kenneth Weaver

MOS: 33D20

In-Country Dates: Aug 69 - Aug 70

Platoon: HHC

email address:

John Wells

MOS: 05G20/30

In-Country Dates: 9/70 - 9/71

Platoon: 1st Platoon

email address:

Ted Wendt

MOS: 71H30

In-Country Dates: Feb 67 - Jan 70

Platoon: HHC

email address:

Comments: Two Rock Ranch & Ft. Devens

Dave Weygandt (Wiggie)

MOS: 72B40

In-Country or Service Dates: 69 - 70

email address:

Dave Whitney

MOS: 984.10

In-Country/Service Dates: 25 July 1955-20 May 1958

Platoon/Detachment: Charter member of 126th ASA Co./104th ASA Det.

email address:,

Comments: ASA Training Center, Fort Devens, Mass.; ASAPAC, Camp Oji, Japan; 126th ASA Co., Fuchinobe, Japan; 126th ASA Co., Det. 4, Machinato-Sukiran, Okinawa; 104th ASA Detachment, Sukiran, Okinawa

Jan Wightman

Service Dates: 1972 - 1979

Platoon/Detachment: Det. A, Heidelberg

Comments: COMSEC/SIGSEC analyst at Det A, Heidelberg going on SIGSEC surveys and OPSEC surveys.

In memory of Roger Wightman

In-Country/Service Dates:  Served in Okinawa 65- 67.  Vietnam to 69 (7th RRU, 101st RRC), Germany to Mar 73 with a vacation at Ft Riley to Jun 74 and back to Heidelberg till 77.  Then at Devens for over five years going to SHAPE Belgium from 82 to 86 and then back to Devens, retiring from there in 88.

Comments:  In-country - In 67 I did special analysis on some reports, such as DYE MARKER and others and was detached to the 303rd for a special CEOI/CESI review of III CTZ units for then CPT Adamouski and SSG Bob Jones.  Then back for MACSOG and SF missions as well as other special ops missions.  TET 68 got a lot of attention and more special missions.  Finally senior analyst on the Dry Weather Campaign in IV Corps living in Can Tho before leaving for Augsburg, FRG..

Kenneth Wilks

MOS: 984,  05G4

Service Dates: Jun 63 - Sep 84, In-Countr: Jun 66-Dec 67; ASA Jun 63-Apr 69.

Platoon/Detachment: 7th RRU, 2nd Platoon, 101st RRC

email address:

Comments:  I left ASA in 1969. I went to Military Intelligence [98D40] and served until Sep 81. Was in Vietnam 1971-72 and back to Korea 77-81.Retired as GS-13 Intelligence Specialist in 2001

Gary Wilson

MOS: 98B; 05G

Service Dates: 1970 - 1973

email address:

Comments: Basic: Fort Ord.  COMINT, COMSEC.  502nd Augsburg S2, 201st Det. Hohenfels.

Bradford B. Williams

MOS: 05G30

In-Country Dates: 66-69

Platoon: 7th RRU, 101st RRC 4th Platoon

Comments: Brad, also known as Willie Oy, graduated from Devens with Jim Kubala, Len Manelski and Chui Banuelos. We 4 were on the same orders for the 7th RRU, TSN, Vietnam, 1966. 

Mike Williamson

MOS: 9430

In-Country Dates: 11/65-9/69

Platoon: 2nd Platoon 4th Platoon, HHC

email address:

Comments: Life has been busy since I left the army, and I have not often thought of the time I spent in service. They were good times with many good friends. In many ways I miss that part of my life. Nov 65 -- Dec 65 Basic Training -- Co D 4th Bn -- Ft Leonard Wood Jan 66 -- Mar 67 O4B (Mandarin) -- Co A DLWIC -- Presidio Apr 67 -- Sep 67 OCS -- 71st Co 7th Bn USAIS -- Ft Benning Oct 67 -- Dec 67 9630 COMSEC -- USASATC&S -- Ft Devens Jan 68 -- Jul 68 Plt Ldr -- 4th Plt 101st RR -- Can Tho RVN Aug 68 -- Nov 68 Plt Ldr --2nd Plt 101st RR -- Pleiku RVN Dec 68 -- Sep 69 Opns Off --101st RR -- Davis Compound RVN

Jim Woulfe

MOS: 05G 20/30

In-Country or Service Dates: 10/69 - 10/72

Platoon or ASA Detachment: 3rd platoon

email address:

Comments: Blocked to RVN out of Devens. Arrived in Bien Hoa 4/70. Mostly did TDY missions around III and IV Corps as a Spec 4 analyst. Mentored on more than just the job by Tom Focht. Spent my last year at Riley.

Bruce Younger

MOS: 05G20/30

In-Country or Service Dates: 10MAR66 - 09MAR70

Platoon or Detachment: 313th RR Bn

email address:

Comments: Like most, much TDY from Cam Ranh Bay north to Qui Nhon, Danang, over to Pleiku, Song Cau south of Qui Nhon for a fun night, and to places forgotten and unnamed anyway. Caught Tet at Nha Trang, home of "who's got the ammo Conex key"? 18MAY68 - Ft Carson, CO, 352nd ASA Co 09MAR70 - ETS

Kerry C. Zane

MOS: 05G20, 96B20 (in National Guard)

In-Country or Service Dates: 09/77 - 09/84

email or homepage address: Website: and, "The Dragon's News"

Comments: HOC 522d MI Bn (CEWI), 2AD, Fort Hood TX, Jun 78-Dec 80; HHC 533d MI Bn, 3AD, Frankfurt/Hoechst FRG, Jan 81-Dec 83; B Co 522d MI Bn, 2AD, Fort Hood TX, Jan-Sep 84. Further Assignments: 337th MID (USAR), Pasadena CA, Sep 84-Sep 87; HHT 1st Sqdn 18th Cav (CA ARNG), Ontario CA, 1989-Jun 93. Home: San Bernardino, CA

Steve Zawacki

MOS: 05G4H-11B5H-290A

In-Country Dates: 1/67 - 3/69

email address:

Comments: HHC 313th RRBn (1/67-9/67) 374th RRC, 4th Inf. Div. (9/67-3/69) 311th ASA, Ft. Hood ('69-'72) Okinawa ('72-'74) Dept 5, "Ayer Academy" Devens ('74-78) various reserve spots ('78-'86). Gerry King wasn't the only one who was MOS'd as "05G4HH6." We both got tagged this way in '71 and the story is a gem! Had the privilege of working with some great folk and the honor to see many of them again at KCY2K. Hope that all can find the opportunity to be at NO/2001, especially Bob Daniel, Dave Hobbs, Ken Poland and many others who spent DSU time with the 374th, 371st, and Project Oregon/Americal. FYI - there is a 374thRRC webpage at "" with several COMSECers in photos.

Jean Zeinert

MOS: 71L

In-Country or Service Dates: 10/73 - 7/77

Platoon or ASA Detachment: 201st ASA Co.

email address:

Comments: Served with the 201st Army Security Agency Company, Augsburg, FRG from March of 1974 through July of 1977. I worked in Operations then moved to Orderly Room where I assisted in the admin duties for personnel serving in our 17 detachments that went as far north as Berlin, FRG and as far south as Vincenza, Italy.

John A. Zotter

MOS: 05H

In-Country Dates: 10/65 - 10/67

email address:

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