1st COMSEC Reunion - October 1985, Myrtle Beach, SC

Organizer - Paige Sawyer

Paige Sawyer writes: I organized it through old contacts and various people knowing how to get in touch with their old buddies, it all came together. Keep in mind that this was before internet and e-mail so a lot of letters were sent out. If I remember correctly, we met on Friday night for supper at the hotel and on Saturday showed slides, looked at scrapbooks, talked about the old times in VN, drank a few beers and had a good time.

Front row kneeling l-r ?, John Lovelace, Mike Hernandez, Larry Klein, Danny Hovis, Paul Nett, Michael Moses, 2nd row standing l-r Bruce Kremer, Dave Flores, Tom Focht, Dale Huseman, Ernie Goobie, Jerry Payne, Floyd Marsteller, Paige Sawyer 3rd row standing l-r Howard Sheehan, Mac McCarley, Bob Hartford, John Roach, Jerry Hoefle, Stan Potochar, Bob Greenwood, Larry Marty.  Attended but not in picture, Fraser Goodwin, Ike Eiswirth, Bob Olson, Larry Beasley, Lonnie Gulledge, and Steve Cohen.

ASA COMSEC Veterans in Kansas City - 2000

Organizers: Larry Marty and Verne Mahorney

KC Reunion photo by Jim Graves

New Orleans in 2002 - "Laissez les bon temps roulez"

Organizers: Bob Olson and Conrad Skantz

2004 BWI - Washington D.C.

Organizer - Dave Hatfield

A Happy Group!
Dave's Reunion website and photos

Contact: Dave Hatfield at hatfield@cablespeed.com to order shirts, hats, and pins

Chui's DC 04 Album

Photos at the Wall with Sammy's family

Samuel Calvin Martin, KIA 1968

Pike's Peak or Bust! 2006 - Woodland Park, Colorado

Organizer - Art "Shop til you drop" Fagan

Larry Vackar and his handiwork at the 2006 COMSEC/SIGSEC Reunion
Contact Larry at lvac@sbcglobal.net if you are interested in ordering items (trucks and insignia made from wood)

View Colorado 06 photo albums

San Antonio - 2008

Organizer - James Shappie

COMSEC/SIGSEC Reunion 2010 - Frankenmuth, MI. Sept. 16-19

Organizer - Garry Hendricks - Reunion jacket and shirt - Verne Mahorney

Snake Platoon, 101st RRC COMSEC Reunion

Sept. 28 - Oct. 1, 2011 - Branson MO

Organizers - Paige Sawyer and Paul Nett


Back row - left to right:  Jim Shappie, Gary Nowak, Paul Reichart, Lonnie Duvall, Mac McCarley, Roger Wightman, Larry Marty, Glenn Sanada,  Lonnie Gulledge.

 Front row - left to right: Richard Sakamoto, Rick Hayden, Steve Rollins, Brad McKim, Chuck Carroll, Larry Woolman, Tommy Yohn, Stan Potochar, Paul Nett, Sam Kemp, Paige Sawyer.

The 2012 COMSEC Reunion was held Aug. 2 - 5 in Vancouver, WA

Organizer - Duane Vincent

(Crown Point on the Columbia River)

Organizer - Paige Sawyer

COMSEC Reunion, Ft. Myers Florida - April 13 thru 16, 2014

Organizer Phil McGibney

COMSEC Reunion, Boston, MA - September 21 thru the 24th, 2018

Organizer Ron Draper

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