Our dead brothers still live for us and bid us think of life, not death -- of life to which in their youth they lent the passion and glory of Spring. As I listen, the great chorus of life and joy begins again, and amid the awful orchestra of seen and unseen powers and destinies of good and evil, our trumpets, sound once more a note of daring, hope, and will.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes -

Sgt. Badtke

Don Badtke

1st and 2nd Platoons, 101st RRCo, Vietnam

SFC Badtke kept things moving in the 1st Platoon and his "Thompson" was always ready for action. (Photo courtesy of Art Fagan)

Flag Ron Bowman - March 19, 2006

Ron Bowman was my first NCOIC when as a 2LT fresh from Devens I was assigned to the COMSEC Plt of the 202nd ASA Co, 2nd AD at Fort Hood in 1968.  Ron is the one who broke me in, or as I told him at the NO reunion, maybe it was "broke me." He made sure I knew the nature of each 05G MOS and had me transcribe tapes and "analyze" the results. Gave me a good feel for what the men were doing. He trained me in field duty, supported command liaison, crypto inspections, report writing, maintenance, etc. He was an outstanding NCO.
In addition, and more important, he and Donna were great friends. On my second assignment to Ft Hood in 1975, Donna opened her home to my family and me while we found quarters. Ron had received his warrant by then and was serving unaccompanied in Europe (I believe).  I truly regret the loss of such a great friend. He was an outstanding NCO and I'm sure a great warrant officer. He truly made his part of the world a better place....Conrad Skantz

Tom Focht
Tom Focht

Tom Focht

MOS: 05G

HHC and 3rd Platoon

Comments: Tom was the one who showed us how. (Photo courtesy of Dan Cotts)

Lonnie Duvall - October 4, 2019

MOS: 05G20 with 101st RRC, RVN

Lonnie was a life time member of the American Legion and VFW. He was an avid fisherman, hunter and jokester. He always wanted to make people laugh “whether they were laughing at me or with me...”  Lonnie loved traveling with his wife Rhea and would frequently visit military reunions and friends around the country. At a white elephant sale at an ASA reunion, he purchased a stuffed javelina head.  He said it would go well with the "Jackalope" he already had on his wall at home.


Dave Gatch

MOS: 05G20

7th RRU and the 2nd Platoon

Dave was always ready for action


Ronald A. Gauszka Sr.

MOS: 05G20-30

Service Dates: 1966 - 1972

Platoon or ASA Det.: Ft. Leonard Wood  June 1966, Ft. Devens Sep 1966 - Mar 1967, 524th ASA Company Mar 1967 - Feb 1972

Comments:  I served for 6 years in the ready reserve 524th ASA Company, Detroit, Michigan.  We all thought that we would be called to active duty.  We came close but it never happened.  I am so proud of all of my ASA brothers who served in Vietnam.  We never realized just how important our mission was.


Keith Goodacre

John Hoffman
6 East, Line 75

SSgt John Daniel Hoffman

MOS: 05C4H

April 2, 1966 - Pleiku

Died in-country, accidental gunshot.

Previously Sam Kemp wrote:  Ron Schwimer was one of the FIRST Comsec advisors to our South Vietnamese Counterparts...He along with SFC Calhoun (Mother Calhoun), Gene Marshall, Mike Maus, Art Rivers, John Hoffman and Myself were involved quite heavily with the program..We were the Brown Beret crew for a while....Sam Kemp

Howard Hopper

MOS: 05G20

3rd Platoon

Howard holds a souvenir of the Tet 68 attacks (Photo courtesy of Dan Cotts)

Flag Charles Dean Hutchison

MOS: 05G20

In-Country Dates: 1967 to 1968

2nd Platoon

Samuel E. Kemp

August 4, 1940 - June 24, 2015

MOS: 05G

In-Country: 65-66 & 70-71. 7th RRU, 2nd platoon, 101st RRC

Service Dates: 57-77, Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Italy and Hawaii

(Photo courtesy of Paige Sawyer from the 2011 COMSEC Reunion)

Previously Sam wrote:  Ron Schwimer was one of the FIRST Comsec advisors to our South Vietnamese Counterparts...He along with SFC Calhoun (Mother Calhoun), Gene Marshall, Mike Maus, Art Rivers, John Hoffman and Myself were involved quite heavily with the program..We were the Brown Beret crew for a while....Sam Kemp

Gene Korhonen - May 2013

MOS: 05G

In-Country Dates: 11/64 - 8/67

Platoon: 7th RRU, 1st Platoon, 101st RRC

Comments: Arrived in Saigon on Nov.5, l964. Dale Haag, Mike Yablonski and others took me to Saigon on Nov. 6th my 20th birthday and got me hammered on 33 or Ba Moui Ba. Stayed till May 66 and went to Bragg. Back in country Oct. 66 to Da Nang by choice. Stayed there through August 67 and Back to San Francisco For Discharge from service

John L. Krepfle - April 11, 2010

MOS: 984 thru 97G

Service Dates: 1958 - 1988

RVN In-country Oct 60/Jan 61 (tdy) w/3d RRU. Apr/Jun 63 (tdy) w/7th RRU. 66/67 303d RR Bn & Adv Sec (Pleiku), 101st RRC 70/71, Opns, 101st RRC. Other assignments: 104th Scty Det - Hq ASAPAC - 303rd ASA Bn, Ft Wolters - Det B (3rd AD), Co B, 319th ASA Bn Hqs, ASAE - Det 0, Berlin and Hqs, 201st ASA Co - VHFS and Ft Devens.

John Lovelace

John Lovelace

2nd Platoon

Legendary Snake Platoon member. (Photo courtesy of Conrad Skantz)

Mac Maguire

Mac "Ole Sarge" Maguire

When they told him he had 3 weeks to live, he said, "Wanna bet?".
He proved them wrong and lived many months more. Truly "One in a Million"

Len Manelski

Len Manelski - March 27, 2006

MOS: 05G30

In-Country Dates: 66 - 69

View a family tribute to Lenny

7th RRU, 101st RRC 3rd Platoon

When I arrived at the 7th RRU, Lenny greeted me with "Hello Chuoi!"which later became Chui. Lenny had given me my original nickname of Bananas at Devens which he then translated into Vietnamese. He then proceeded to gleefully stomp my stateside nug cap and place a VN version on my head but not before ripping off the top button and discovering that it was black. This of course, according to Lenny, was the sign of ultimate doom. We started out in the ASA together and we started out in Vietnam together....Tino "Chui" Banuelos

Casimir W. Martin - May 28, 2010

Casimir "Cash" Martin was laid to rest accompanied by Patriot Guard Riders.  "Cash worked hard, did his job well and never gave anyone any grief.  I never heard him speak ill of anyone".  (Comments by Timothy J. McEntee, fellow soldier.)

John David Martin John David Martin - May, 3, 2004

Loving brother of Sammy Martin

David was serving in Vietnam when Sammy was killed in action and accompanied Sammy's body home to Greensburg, KY

"A brother's love"

Sammy Martin

Sammy Martin

MOS: 05G20

In-Country Dates: 66 - 68

3rd platoon

Killed in Action, May 17, 1968

VFW Memorial Ceremony, 12/1/02

Vernon Mattfield

Vernon Mattfield

MOS: 05G20

Service Dates: 6/65 - 9/69

3rd Platoon

1946 - 2002

John McGregor John "Jack" McGregor

MOS: 721A, 290AV

Service Dates: 1963 - 1985

ASA Detachments: 9th USASAFS, 3d RRU, 14th USASAFS, USASAFS Chiva Chiva, Panama, 313th ASA BN Security Detachment

John W McGregor JR. age 64, of Charleston husband of Kathye Chandler McGregor died Saturday March 11, 2006. Jack joined the Army as a private in 1964 and served with distinction for twenty one years through the Vietnam and Cold war era, retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer Four (the highest warrant officer rank). His service included two combat tours in Vietnam and six other overseas tours. His military decorations include the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal and several Meritorious Service Medals. Upon retirement from the military CW4 Jack McGregor continued to serve as a defense contractor for Martin Marietta and ManTech Company retiring to Charleston S.C. in 2001.

Gerald (Gary) A. Nowak (2021)

MOS: 05G/97G

In-Country/Service Dates: May 67 - Nov 68, April 66-70, 72-80

Platoon: 2nd Plt, 101st RRC, May 67-Aug 68.  265th RRC, 101st Abn Aug 68-Nov 68

Comments:  2nd Pla, 101st RRC. May 67-Aug 68. E3-E5 265th RRC, 101st Ann Div Aug - Dec 68  Ft Riley, KN Dec 68-Apr 70. ETS Feb 72-Feb 75 Det E, 201st ASA Co (Scty) E5-E6

Shawn Pahnke Shawn D. Pahnke

Company C (Cobras), 1st Battalion (Bandits), 37th Armored Regiment, 1st Armored Division, Friedberg, Germany; killed by enemy fire while on patrol in Baghdad on June 16, 2003

COMSEC/SIGSEC Tribute to Shawn

Son of Tom Pahnke, 05G30; 420 ASA SOD, Fairbanks, ALASKA 358th ASA Co. (Airborne), Fort Bragg, NC - HQ, 101st RRC

Paul Walter Pipa

MOS: 05G, Germany

January 1, 1949 - May  14, 1980

Died at age 31 in a motorcycle accident at Ft. Huachuca.  (Information provided by Gary Botkins who served with Paul in Germany)

SFC Fred Pruden
6 West, Line 35
SFC Frederick William Pruden

Nov 2, 1970

Died of illness/injury


Robert "Bob" Rounds (1952 - 2020)

MOS: 05G to 97G5H2

Service Dates: Nov. 1971 to May 1992

Comments: In November 1973 was deployed on special assignment from USASA Security Group PAC to the DAO in Saigon, TDY with Official Passport. One of the last 05G’s in Vietnam. 4 man team: Myself, Tony Carstenson, Larry Marty and Larry Cooper.   Retired at NSA as a member of the 704th MI. 2 tours in Germany and too many tours at Fort Devens.

Bob Rose Bob Rose

An original Snake Platoon member 1966. (Photos courtesy of Jim Graves and Lonnie Duvall)

Ron Wchwimer Ron Schwimer - April 24, 2006

He was one of the FIRST Comsec advisors to our South Vietnamese Counterparts...He along with SFC Calhoun (Mother Calhoun), Gene Marshall, Mike Maus, Art Rivers, John Hoffman and Myself were involved quite heavily with the program..We were the Brown Beret crew for a while....Sam Kemp

Owen B. Seaton - November 17, 2017

Former Commanding Officer, 7th RRU.  Obituary link provided by John McCann (2nd Platoon)


Greg Tasker Greg Tasker - November 19, 2003

Roy Turcotte


In-Country or Service Dates: 3/66 - 2/70

Comments: Basic Training at Ft. Lost in the Woods, Mo. and then on to Devens for ditty bop school and times in the pit. TTC in Feb-Mar 67 (Class 16-67) the "Big Blizzard Class"-Orders to Nam in April 67--Passed thru 509th, Davis Station, TSN to report to 313th Bn in Nha Trang- Went TDY all over the place with small Det to Qui Nhon, An Khe, Pleiku, Oasis--mostly with Rod Adkins until order for 374th RRC, Det 1 (assigned to 1st Bd, 4th Inf Division- Oasis then to Dak To (hell of a place) Nov.-Dec. TET Jan.68. was with Charles Beakley, Jon Teichman, Mike Tajkowski,. Spent 4 weeks in Evac Hospital in Cam Rahn Bay. Went to Baumholder Germany with Russ Silva, Dick Brighthaupt, and made unit move to FS Augsburg Hospital Kaserne-made rank and took Det to Worms and over to Mt Misner. Czeckoslavakia Spring of 68 Prague went down to Communist Hard line. Out in 70. Live in South Texas near Mexico Border and Gulf Coast on a cattle ranch. Pretty isolated but drop on in any time! Thanks for the memory Chui.

Comments from Steve Zawacki on Roy's sudden passing -
"Several of us who were with the 374th RRC have gotten a chapter charter (in August 2002) forming the "374th Radio Research company (ASA) "Finder" Chapter of the National 4th Infantry Division Association. Tyce Simmons, Bob Jarvis, David Snure, Mike MacDonald, Roy Turcotte and myself are/were the "G"s within the chapter. We had planned our first "unit" reunion for this coming September at Fort Hood. Texas as part of the 4th Inf Div Assn's annual reunion (the 4th is now HQ'd at Hood) and Roy was looking forward to coming."

Duane L. Vincent

November 11, 1942 - April 22, 2014

2012 COMSEC reunion organizer, Vancouver, WA

Roger Wightman - May 2013

MOS: 05G

In-Country/Service Dates:  Served in Okinawa 65- 67.  Vietnam to 69 (7th RRU, 101st RRC), Germany to Mar 73 with a vacation at Ft Riley to Jun 74 and back to Heidelberg till 77.  Then at Devens for over five years going to SHAPE Belgium from 82 to 86 and then back to Devens, retiring from there in 88.

Comments:  In-country - In 67 I did special analysis on some reports, such as DYE MARKER and others and was detached to the 303rd for a special CEOI/CESI review of III CTZ units for then CPT Adamouski and SSG Bob Jones.  Then back for MACSOG and SF missions as well as other special ops missions.  TET 68 got a lot of attention and more special missions.  Finally senior analyst on the Dry Weather Campaign in IV Corps living in Can Tho before leaving for Augsburg, FRG.

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